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Wojciech Weiss

Born: Leorda, near Zakopane, 4 May 1875
Died: Krakow, 6 December 1950
Nationality: Polish

School of Fine Arts in Krakow (1892-99)


1898 – joins  ‘Sztuka’, an art society

1906 – joins Vienna Secession

1910 – appointed professor at Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow



A contemporary responded to works by Weiss after visiting an exhibition:

"The compositions of Mr. Weiss sometimes strike one by their unusual simplicity, clearness, and vividness...Mr. Weiss...never paints a landscape divorced from humans. These are inseparable parts of one being and by combining them, he shows their unity. But simultaneously, the landscape itself is rather minor...when the foreground is occupied by a human figure. One shall, indeed, as Mr. Weiss does, penetrate the essence of nature in an aesthetic way to capture nature's essential function, which is to create various forms and to finally attain...human form.

Stanisław Lack, "Wojciech Weiss," Żzcie, no. 1 (1900), cited in W. Juszczak, Malarstwo polskiego modernizmu (Gdansk: Empik), p. 567. Translation by Wojtek Kordyzon.