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Franz Anton Zauner

Born: Untervalpatann, Tirol, 5 July 1746
Died: Vienna, March 1822
Nationality: German

with sculptor Balthasar Horer and Josef Deutschmann (Passau); with Jakob Schletterer and Wilhelm Bayer (Vienna)


1775 – first state comission, fountain with allegorical representations of figures rivers Danube and Enns (Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna)

1776 – wins travel fellowship to Rome (along with Heinrich Füger)

1781 – begins teaching at Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

1784 –becomes Professor of Sculpture at Vienna Academy

1790 –gets commission for Monument to Joseph II, Vienna’s first onumental  equestrian statue

1806 –ennobled and given a lifelong income; becomes Director of  Vienna Academy

Commissions from: 

Wenzel Anton (Prince Kaunitz-Rietburg); Franz II (Emperor of Austria); Christian Johann, Graf von Fries

Important Artworks: 

Perseus and Andromeda, 1777 (Belvedere Museum, Vienna)

Adoring Angels, 1784 (Sarasdorf church, Vienna)