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The one who learns the most from a book is the author. In the process of writing, much of the documentation one gathers is digested, paraphrased, or even omitted. Inspiration for this website originated in a desire to redress this misfortune and provide readers with much of the original research that went into the preparation of this book. Of course, once a website has been created, the possibilities for expansion are exciting, daunting, and endless. I have tried to create a judicious compromise between a stream-lined assemblage of useful facts and data and a selection of visual and interpretive material that will enrich the reader's understanding of the period from around 1750 to 1900.

Thanks to the enthusiastic support of Natalie Foster, Senior Editor at Routledge for Media & Culture Studies, my vision has become a reality. Andy Pearson lead the design team and Megan Robertson gathered most of the biographical material. Per Nordahl contributed as photographer, data entry master, and trouble-shooter. Rene Gehr, Katie Larson, Emilee Mathews, and Erin Pauwels generously took the time to dig up primary source material, and I am indebted to Kathleen Cohen, Jan Hlavka, Hubertus Kohle, Guy Morrison, Peter Muldavin, and Jen Toft for furnishing images. Translation assistance was provided by Hanna Francis and Thor J. Mednick. Numerous kind and hospitable friends provided sustinance and shelter while I was on photographic and research expeditions. Among them are: Balázs Balogh and Agnes Fülemille, Katja and Hans-Ulrich Brandes, Marita Derbach and Robert Jüpner, Bimbo and Renate Fiedler, Christina Negulesco and Daniel Tolan, and Carmen Popescu. Thanks also to Molly Lindner for her perception in identifying errors large and small.  I am indebted to Madeleine Levy, my website management partner, for her dedication, enterprise, and eye for detail.

For kind permission to publish images of their artworks on this website, I extend heartfelt thanks to the Chatsworth Settlement Trustees, Earl of Leicester, Finnish National Gallery (Helsinki), Hermitage Museum (St Petersburg), Howard University Gallery of Art, Hungarian National Gallery (Budapest), Indiana University Art Museum, Library of Congress, Lilly Library at Indiana University, Long Island Museum of American Art, History & Carriages, Musée de Chartres, Museum of Fine Arts (Springfield, MA), National Gallery of Art (Washington, DC), Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Palace of Westminster, the Prado Museum, National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum), National Museum in Warsaw, and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

The site is, naturally, a work in progress and I welcome your comments and suggestions. If you have pictures relating to artists and artworks on this site that you would not mind my publishing and that are not copyright sensitive, do let me know!

Michelle Facos