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Fritz Mackensen

Born: Greene (near Einbeck), 8 April 1866
Died: Bremen, 12 May 1953
Nationality: German

Düsseldorf Art Academy (1884-848; Munich Art Academy (1888-89)


1884 - spends first summer in Worpswede, a farming village in the peat bogs near Bremen

1889 - helps establish Worpswede artists' colony, along with Hans am Ende, Fritz Overbeck, Otto Modersohn, and HeinrichVogeler 

1895 - moves to Worpswede

1895-96 - exhibits at the Glaspalast (Munich)

1910 - director of Weimar art academy (Kunsthochschule)

1918 - returns to Worpswede

1933-35 - oversees construction of the Nordic Art Academy (Nordischen Kunsthochschule) in Bremen

1937 - joins Nazi Party; exhibits Church Service on the Moor at the Great German Art Exhibition (Munich)

1944 - included in Adolf Hitler's list of the most important German artists


Paula Modersohn-Becker, Clara Westhoff

Important Artworks: 

Church Service on the Moor, 1886-95 (Historischen Museum, Hannover)

Grieving Family, 1897