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Sanssouci Palace

Karl Blechen, 1843-45
Nationalgalerie, Berlin


Sometimes paintings look like a single view painted directly by an artist from a particular spot, an example of Naturalism. However in reality the artist has combined views from different places. This is the case with Blechen’s Sanssouci Palace. There has never been a fountain directly in front of Sanssouci Palace, but there is at the bottom of the terraced gardens (vineyards) in front of the place. 

Friedrich the Great’s Sanssouci, designed and built in the eighteenth century, is Rococo and asymmetrical rather than Baroque and symmetrical. There is no single entrance with a view intended to impress and intimidate the visitor as there is at Versailles, which was designed and built in the late sixteenth century for Louis XIV.

About the Artist

Born: Cottbus, 29 July 1798
Died: Berlin, 23 July 1840
Nationality: German