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Anne-Louis Girodet (de Roussy-Trioson)

Born: Montargis, 29 January 1767
Died: Paris, 9 December 1824
Nationality: French

adopted in 1806 by Dr. Benoit-François Trioson


with local drawing-master (1773); studies architecture with Etienne-Louis Boullée (1780; Paris); with Jacques-Louis David (1783); French Academy in Rome (1790-95)


1789 – wins Prix de Rome for Joseph Recognized by his Brothers (École des Beaux-Arts, Paris)

1795 – illustrates Pierre Didot’s editions of Virgil (1798) and Racine (1801)

1799 – wins Prix d’Encouragement and a state commission (never completed)

1810 – wins Prix Decennal for Deluge


Rome (1790-95)

Commissions from: 

Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine

Important Artworks: 

Ossian and the French Generals, 1800 (Château de Malmaison)

Deluge, 1806 (Louvre, Paris)