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Salon des Rose et Croix

Indiana University Art Museum, Bloomington, IN


Sharon Hirsh places Schwabe’s poster in the context of contemporary discussions of illness and disease:

“Carlos Schwabe’s Rose + Croix ésthetique poster printed for the first exhibition in 1892, had already set the consumptive model for the many French as well as foreign artists involved in that society….Already pale, these rising women are so bathed in light that the guide figure seems to be ‘fading away’ – a common platitude for the final wasting stage of tuberculosis, which had the advantage of a connotative crossover to nostalgia’s wasting sensitivities.”

Sharon Hirsh, Symbolism and Modern Urban Society (Cambridge, UK-New York: Cambridge University Press, 2004), 121.

About the Artist

Born: Altona (now part of Hamburg), Germany, 21 July 1877
Died: Seine-et-Marne, 1926
Nationality: German-Swiss