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Philipp Friedrich von Hetsch

Born: Stuttgart, 10 September 1758
Died: Stuttgart, 31 December 1838
Nationality: German

son of court musician Christian Heinrich Hetsch


with painters Nicolas Guibal and Friedrich Harper at the Ducal Military Academy (Herzogliche Militarakademie) in Stuttgart which included the Academie des Arts (1771-80); with Joseph-Marie Vien in Paris (1780-82)


1780 –appointed Court Painter to Duke of Württemberg ( Stuttgart)

1783 – met Jacques-Louis David in Paris

1787 –honorary member of Accademia delle Belle Arti, Bologna

1787-1794 - professor at Karlsakademie, Stuttgart

1795 –Director of painting gallery at Ludwigsburg Palace (home of Dukes of Württemberg)

1801 – member, Prussian Academy of Arts

1808 – ennobled, retired as Court Painter


Paris (1780-82, 1783, 1808-10); Rome (1785-87, 1794-96, 1802-03)

Important Artworks: 

Generosity Rewarding Genius, 1784 (Landesmuseum Württemberg, Stuttgart)

Departure of Regulus, 1803-04 (Landesmuseum Württemberg)

Ascension of Christ, 1808 (Landesmuseum Württemberg)