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Friedrich Overbeck

Born: Lübeck, 3 July 1789
Died: Rome, 12 November 1869
Nationality: German

son of a lawyer-politician, mayor of Lübeck


with Joseph Nikolaus Peroux (1804); with Alfred H. Maurer at Vienna Academy (Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, 1806-09)


1806 – meets Franz Pforr at Vienna Academy

1809 – co-founds Nazarenes (Lukasbund), with Franz Pforr, Ludwig Vogel, Joseph Wintergerst, Joseph Sutter and Johann Konrad Hottinger

1810 – moves to Rome with Nazarenes, establishes artist cooperative at monastery of San Isidoro

1812 – Franz Pforr drowns, Nazarenes disband, Overbeck converts to  Catholicism

1816-18 - Casa Bartholdy frescoes: Story of Joseph (now Nationalgalerie, Berlin)

1857 –commission from Pope Piux IX: Christ Evading his Pursuers on the  Mountain near Nazareth, 1857 (Quirinale Palace, Rome)


Rome (1810-69)

Commissions from: 

Salomon Bartholdy (Prussian Consul in Rome); Marchese Carlo Massimo; Pope Pius IX

Important Artworks: 

Italia and Germania, 1811 and 1815-20 (Neue Pinokothek, Munich)

Adoration of the Magi, 1811-13 (Kunsthalle, Hamburg)