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Thomas Eakins

Born: Philadelphia, PA, 25 July 1844
Died: Philadelphia, PA, 25 June 1916
Nationality: American

son of a Scottish-Irish weaver


Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (1862); with Jean-Léon Gérôme at Ecole des Beaux-Arts (1866-69, Paris); with sculptor Augustin-Alexandre Dumont; with portrait painter Léon Bonnat


1870 – returns to Philadelphia after studying in Europe

1876 – Gross Clinic rejected from Centennial Exposition, but Dr Gross sponsors its exhibition in a medical pavilion

1882 – becomes Director of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

1884 – assists Eadweard Muybridge in motion studies at the University of Pennsylvania

1886 – forced to resign as Director of Pennsylvania Academy

1889 – commissioned to paint the Agnew Clinic by graduating class of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School

1901 – wins prize at Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY

1904 – wins prize at Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St Louis, MO

1917 - memorial exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)


Paris (1866-69); Spain (1869-70); Dakota Territory (1886)

Commissions from: 

1889 graduating class of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School

Important Artworks: 

The Biglin Brothers Turning the Stake, 1873 (Cleveland Museum of Art)

Swimming, 1885 (Amon Carter Museum of Art, Fort Worth)

The Agnew Clinic, 1889 (Philadelphia Museum of Art)

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